The PHILEA Strong Advantage

The PHILEA does not require that all private industrial estates in the country be part of its membership. Yet, the primary assurance that you and other potential locators are given the best deal on an industrial estate in the Philippines is the Philea’s stamp of approval on an industrial area.

Why is this so? A PHILEA member is screened according to stringent standards. Foremostly, PHILEA members are approved by the Board of Investments and/or the Philippine Economic Zone Authority to ensure that its locators are granted the best fiscal incentives in the land.

The development plan of the members’ respective estates strictly adhere to rules and regulations on environmental protection and management. And more importantly, the personalities behind the corporation and estate are of good reputation and standing.

It is also noteworthy that PHILEAmember industrial estates are monitored regularly by the Association for their development efforts, especially in the areas of infrastructure and utilities.

Thus, over the years, membership in the PHILEA has been limited to the serious industrial estate developer. We shall take a look at this distinguished membership.

Let us now have an overview of what PHILEA member companies have to offer the investor:

•  Potential locators have a wider choice of well-planned locations. Industrial estates managed by PHILEA-member companies are masterfully planned and located in key development areas in the country.

  • Our estates are highly accessible to and from major cities and municipalities, commercial districts, government offices, recreational areas, and even sources of raw materials via major expressways and land routes, international and domestic airports, and seaports.
  • Our estates are equipped with world-class facilities and utilities to meet the locators’ stringent operational requirements, such as power, water, telecommunications, road network, sewerage system, waste treatment facilities, and standard factory warehouses.
  • Locators in our estates avail of incentives granted by either the Board of Investments and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. These incentives include income tax holidays, tax exemptions or tax credits, and deductions in labor and training expenses.
  • Locators in our estates are assured of readily available labor force – our country’s pride. Filipino manpower is well known for its high adaptability to any working environment, literacy and fluency in the English language, high level of training and skill, and a mindset directed at quality workmanship.
  • And finally, our estates are located in host communities whose local government officials and local populace are very supportive. Over the years, this has resulted in mutually beneficial relations between estate locators and local government units

PHILEA assures you – the foreign investor – that that you will have the best that the Philippines can offer in terms of industrial locations. As we like to say, our estates take pride in being world-class, which means being able to address the various needs and requirements of locators in terms of facilities and utilities and other elements which will make your business venture prosper.

Again, we at PHILEA offer ourselves as your business partner. We offer you the foreign investor not only the opportunity of taking a closer and deeper look at what the Philippines has to offer, but the opportunity for us in the industrial estate sector to serve you as best as we can.

On the other hand, we also offer you the chance of taking part in a country’s effort to industrialize and, as a result, make a great difference in our peoples’ lives and their welfare. By so doing, we offer you a more progressive and meaningful future in your business endeavors.

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